Why Re:vive Stay Active Gel is the optimum gym-goer

The only feeling we want washing over us after a hard hour’s graft at the gym is pure, sheer and well-earned relief.

Unfortunately though, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) seems to strike with a vengeance within a day or two of finally beating that long-standing PB on the treadmill.

If you are aiming to get straight back to circuit training and knuckle down on hardcore cardio in the gym three days a week, those types of aches and pains are not ideal.

Towel drying hair after the gym

But with the Re:vive Stay Active Gel, aches and pains could be a thing of the past.

But how does this compare to your standard deep heat gel?

Our Re:vive Stay Active Gel harvests and blends natural and organic ingredients, which each have their own individual benefits.

1. Part of the aromatic family

The fresh aromas from the calming eucalyptus leaf extract in our Stay Active Gel ignite your inner calm to help clear your mind.

This essential oil from the fragrant eucalyptus plant gives off a mint meets pine-like scent with notes of honey, which puts us in touch with nature.

The dash of grapeseed extract is sweet and subdued, filling the atmosphere with a whiff of fresh fruit, and improving the blood flow around the body after exercising, too.

A pinch of rosemary essential oil of the most superior quality emits an invigorating and refreshing floral aroma when rubbed onto the skin after breaking a sweat on the treadmill.

2. Bring the sports massage to you

CBD oil is known for its super fast absorbing and anti-inflammatory properties. Blended with wintergreen oil, a masseuse’s pick of the crop, the silky texture of the Stay Active Gel melts into the skin and revitalises exhausted and tender muscles.

Promoting a soothing sensation over discomforts in the body, it also works in part as a hydrating moisturiser. 

3. Featured in ‘Woman & Home’ Magazine

Woman & Home rewarded Stay Active Gel as one of their Top 6 standout CBD products in their Wellness Health section

4. Organically-grown ingredients  

Although native to Central Asia and grown all over the world, the origins of our broad spectrum CBD extract lie in a vast hemp farm in Colorado. This environment combines the ideal PH balance of soil with annual rainfall in a moderate climate.

Fitness instructors love our Stay Active Gel, too

On a quest to solve the problem of sore muscles, Lana Almulla, a professional yoga teacher and influential founder of Life Space Healing, has been amazed by the results of our product.

Lana pictured below, commented:

“Spent the morning rolling on a ball followed by a hot shower and finally [I found something] that came in handy. The Re:vive Stay Active Gel rubbed on my neck and shoulders. Day 3 #juicecleanse.”

CUBID CBD: ‘The Seven R’s’

At CUBID CBD, we understand the importance of sticking to a healthy lifestyle routine. That’s why our Re:vive Stay Active Gel is part of our carefully curated self-care regime known as The Seven R’s’ Re:vive; Re:juvenate; Re:fresh; Re:lax; Re:scue; Re:new and Re:set mind, body, and soul.

Each of these seven fast-absorbing products can be used in harmony with one another.

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