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Our premium range of CBD products has been crafted with your self-care in mind, so that you can choose a better day, every day!

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CBD can do for you

Hemp has a long history, dating back more than three thousand years according to historians. Now CBD has reinvigorated this powerful plant, in a way Mother Nature could only dream about.

CBD has been proven to help with many aspects of life. From athletes to the elderly, the lifestyle benefits of CBD transcend age and gender.

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CBD in physical health

Studies show CBD boasts anti-inflammatory properties, and this has led to the cannabinoid being used to help with managing niggling aches and pains.

Carve out some time during the day to apply a CBD-rich muscle and joint product like you’ve never tried before. Whether it’s to help with the signs of an over-worked, aging body, recovering from that deadly spin class or a tense day at work.

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CBD in mental fitness

Our superior quality CBD products are designed to fully revitalise your mind, body and soul from the inside out and outside in – morning, noon and night.

Research from a 2018 study discovered a promising therapeutic profile for CBD as a new fast-acting anti-depressant.

Studies also show CBD may help improve the quality of our sleep.

Try it for yourself: Take our Oil Drops under the tongue and hold for 20 – 30 seconds as you are preparing for bed.

Or, if you’re looking to use CBD to set you up for a workout, scientists believe there may be a link between motivation to exercise and the Endocannabinoid System Try taking our Oil Drops under the tongue with food first thing in the morning on the days you intend to exercise.

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CBD in skincare

Combat the signs of dry and unhappy skin with our indulgent and effective skincare range.

Many studies have shown CBD to be effective when used in a topical or transdermal form ie, delivered through the skin, because of the anti-inflammatory powers of this plant extract.

Research has also found CBD may play a role in regulating the production of oils by the glands in our skin, and this may explain why acne sufferers find CBD to be useful in controlling breakouts.

Our botanical ingredients work in harmony, to give your skin the treatment it deserves 24/7.

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Our Range

Our Customers

You don’t have to take our word for it. See what everyone is saying about CUBID.

I recently started using the Natural Oil Drops (500mg) and it is by far the best brand I have used. Even though I am using the unflavoured drops, it still tastes nice, and it smells amazing. After taking it I feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead. I would certainly recommend this oil, and in future I’ll be trying more of their product range.

 Lee Nagev

The Stay Active Cream is helpful with Fibromyalgia pains. It’s not as overwhelming as most heat lotions and just takes the edge off without feeling uncomfortable. And I love, love, love the face and hand creams! Dry skin is a very annoying symptom of pernicious anaemia and I’ve never found anything that actually works on my face until now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would 100% recommend everything.

 Heather Turner
This CBD oil has genuinely changed my life. I suffered with terrible hormonal acne for three years and heard CBD could help – it has! My face is totally clear and my confidence is back. I sleep way better too which is a bonus. Customer for life!
 Claire Evans



What makes our products stand out from the rest?

  • We use a high-grade cannabinoid rich CBD extract
  • We have carefully selected a unique blend of ingredients
  • All of our products are THC free, vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • Also free from pesticides, solvents and parabens.

Oil Drops

One of our most loved products for a reason

  • Two flavours and two strengths
  • Peppermint or Natural
  • 500mg or 1000mg
  • 66% CBD, plus other cannabinoids
  • THC free
  • Support your outer glow from within


With Serenity

Quality ingredients carefully sourced from seed to shelf to provide high performance skincare infused with high-grade CBD. Imagine a skincare product that could give you back that confidence you’ve been lacking. Look no further.

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