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Find calm

Choose a Better Day® with our Re:set Oil Drops. Designed to help achieve your inner calm and relax the mind.


We understand routine, which is why our products work in harmony with one another as part of our ‘Seven Rs Skincare Regime and Daily Routine’  The ‘Seven Rs’ represent each of our products in our journey so far to: Re:vive; Re:juvenate; Re:fresh; Re:lax; Re:scue; Re:new and Re:set  the skin, mind, body and soul.

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“I put CUBID CBD Stay Active Gel around my neck last night and it was the first morning I haven’t woken up with extreme tightness around my neck.”

Jen Landesberg, Blessedyoga

“If I’m feeling particularly claustrophobic or I’m having trouble sleeping, I take a few drops of CUBID CBD’s Peppermint Oil, which slows panic and leaves me feeling more chilled.”

Annabel Jones, Beauty Editor at Large

"I’ve been using CUBID CBD Hand Cream for two weeks now and have noticed a difference. I don't have dry skin on my hands anymore.”


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THE CUBID Difference 

  • Contains 66% CBD, plus other cannabinoids

  • THC free
  • Created with a unique blend of ingredients

  • Vegan friendly & cruelty free

  • Free from pesticides, solvents and parabens

  • We use a high-grade cannabinoid rich CBD extract

  • Made from organically grown hemp

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