Why we chose to be a cruelty-free and vegan CBD brand

Adopting a more cruelty-free and plant-based lifestyle is something that millions are now embracing. We feel as a business we can do the same thing.

We looked at what is most important to the vegan community to be fully inclusive of them.

No animal testing, no animal-derived ingredients and care for the environment.

Sadly, many products on the market contain ingredients that are derived from animals and/or are tested on them. We just don’t think this is necessary.

It’s 2019 and the world is changing for the better!

We have been able to source quality ingredients without harming any animals in the process and this is exactly how it should be.

From the very start of our CBD business journey, we wanted to lead by example by educating the public on CBD and its proven benefits.

We pride ourselves on being transparent about our ingredients and packaging, which are all too often very confusing as standards are being set in a new industry.

We recognise that companies have a choice to make. Sometimes the right choice isn’t the cheapest or easiest, but while change isn’t easy, we have a responsibility to make ethical choices.

We are excited to be going through the vegan certification process and will soon be able to officially shout about being a vegan-certified CBD brand.

We will also be attending the worlds largest vegan event – The Vegan Campout! If you want to learn about CBD, come and say hello. We have a competition for the happy campers to enter too!

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