Acne Awareness Month. Could CBD help?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in teens and now acne in adults is on the rise.

Clinical studies indicate that between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population age 20-40 are diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin.

The methods used in a quick-fix attempt are endless, from taking fish oil tablets to applying apple cider vinegar to the skin.

There are numerous rumoured remedies out there which are all supposed to be the healing miracle we have all been longing for.

So, we have taken a closer look at the latest rumoured anti-acne campaigner  CBD, to see if it could help.

First things first, what triggers acne?

Sebum is an oily substance which is produced to protect our skin from environmental factors we encounter on a daily basis in the world.

When sebaceous glands are overworked, too much sebum is produced which causes acne and inflammation of the skin. There are many factors which contribute to the cause of acne including stress, anxiety, hormones, genetics and blocked pores.

With studies beginning to sky rocket about the link between CBD and reduced anxiety, it’s no wonder that the link is now being made to CBD potentially reducing acne as a direct result.

Despite there not being a vast amount of funded studies that are solely focusing on the effects CBD may have on acne, what is known is enough for many women (and men!) to try CBD as a treatment method.

One  Daily Mail  story details how a woman who suffered severely from acne and she refused to leave the house as a result. She felt so self-conscious about her skin troubles.

She said: “I’d try and cover up the spots with make-up and just felt so down and depressed about how I looked. All I would see when I looked in the mirror was the acne”

“I tried everything, but nothing seemed to help”  said the girl,  until she came across CBD capsules. She explains “Before this, if I was feeling anxious, I would have a really big break out, but the tablets have made me feel much calmer, so I am not getting the terrible acne I was.”

Nothing seemed to help until she came across CBD capsules.

“Before this, if I was feeling anxious, I would have a really big break out, but the tablets have made me feel much calmer, so I am not getting the terrible acne I was.”

Depending on what kind of acne you have, and what is causing it, CBD may not work for everyone. As previously stated, there’s simply not enough independent research to say whether it definitely helps or not.

However it is becoming more and more popular for cosmetics to be infused with CBD.

Even if it doesn’t cure your acne, studies say it is still good for reducing stress, which in turn effect your hormone levels, which is one of the main triggers for skin concerns.

CBD has also been found by study conductors to have anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have tried everything possible avenue against acne, what’s the harm in trying one more method? If you give it a go and you get the results you have been dreaming of, let us know. We would love to follow your journey. x

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