Best CBD gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Dad can often be the hardest person to buy for… We’ve identified our different types of dads, and the CBD product to accompany their lifestyle.

The Ageing Dad

Aches and pains may be common nature to an older dad. The strain of modern-day life on ageing muscles might cause dad discomfort. Give him the gift of staying active this Father’s Day with our Re:vive Stay Active Gel. The CBD infused gel’s cooling and calming effects could help to ease his aches and pains and be dad’s favourite gift this year.

The Workaholic Dad

Whether he’s in the office or at home, he’s always got his head in the work game. Never seen relaxing, always looking at emails and on calls.

Why not help him find his inner calm by treating dad to our CBD Oil Drops. The botanical tasting CBD oil could help dad achieve inner calm and relax his mind.

The Rough and Tumble Dad

He’s the first one in the huddle and will never say no to a football match. Dad lives his life to the fullest, always on the go, getting out and about, making memories. He may be forgetting to look after his skin, though.

Take care of dad’s skin with our Re:fresh Face Cream. Replenish his natural glow with our CBD face cream, designed to leave skin looking naturally radiant and refreshed.

The Green Thumb Dad

The garden is his number one priority, after his children of course. Spring and summer weekends will be spent in his favourite place, from sunup, until sunset. He is always getting his hands dirty, making sure the garden is the best in the neighbourhood. Help dad to look after his hands with our Re:new Hand Cream. Rich in jojoba and cocoa, our on-the-go hand and nail emollient soothes chapped skin and rehydrates nails.

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