Can CBD help with summertime sunburn?

If you live in the UK, you’ll know how it goes. The sun comes out and you rush outside, only to forget your sun lotion. Then you spend the next week with painful and inflamed red-and-white-striped skin. Could CBD be your sunburn solution?

CBD has the potential to both aid the healing process and relieve the painful symptoms of sunburn.

To sum up, sunburn is an inflammatory response triggered by direct DNA damage from overexposure to UV.

How could CBD help?

The key word here is ‘inflammation’.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and can therefore target the main mechanism of sunburn-related pain. It also contains fatty acids which promote moisturised skin and help reduce dryness and flaking of a sunburned area.

CBD is also antibacterial which is useful for burnt skin that is more prone to infection.

How to use CBD for sunburn

The easiest way to treat sunburn is to use topical lotions, so a CBD skin cream is going to be the best and easiest switch to make.

From our range, we would recommend the Re:scue Body Butter that is made with 500mg full-spectrum hemp oil containing 66 percent CBD and other cannabinoids.

Our Shea and Almond body butter is a blend of soothing, moisturising oils with cocoa butter to intensively replenish and re-hydrate the skin.

Better yet, don’t get sunburned in the first place! Instead, use a high-factor sun protection and simply treat your skin to a CBD cream to keep it hydrated and moisturised.

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