Can CBD help with tennis elbow?

Many fans get the urge to grab a racket and give it a go during Wimbledon season, but some will suffer with tennis elbow as a result.

So, what is tennis elbow?

Firstly, you don’t only get tennis elbow from playing tennis. Any sport or activity that requires repeated gripping and movement can lead to this sporting injury. Squash, weightlifting, fencing and even hockey can all cause this post-workout pain.

The condition is caused by an inflammation in the tendons. The strain on the tendons can gradually cause tears in the tissue and be very painful.

How can CBD help?

As tennis elbow is caused by inflammation, the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD could make it the ideal treatment or preventative. A reduction in inflammation should hopefully minimise tissue tears.

Pain is the most common symptom of tennis elbow and the most common benefit of CBD is pain relief.

Another tennis elbow annoyance is lack of sleep due to pain. CBD not only acts as a pain reliever but is known to help aid sleep.

Why opt for CBD before other treatments?

CBD is an organic and natural remedy. If you have tennis elbow, it’s likely you take fitness and your health seriously. It makes sense that health-conscious people prefer a natural health benefiting option that could potentially fix a problem as opposed to some meds that simply mask the pain.

What CBD products should you use?

Taking CBD oil under the tongue will help from the inside out. It’s the quickest way for your body to absorb the CBD and take effect fast.

If you want to target an area, massaging a cream or gel would be the best course of action. We have the Re:juvenate Stay Active Cream and the Re:vive Stay Active Gel, depending on whether you want a cooling effect or not.

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