CBD and wedding season are a match made in heaven

Planning a wedding is very exciting but it is also known to be quite a stressful process. With so many people to think about and the pressure of perfection looming over every decision, a little anxiety is perfectly normal and more than expected.

CBD is known for its stress-relieving, relaxation-enhancing and calming consumer uses, so it comes as no surprise that the happy couple might turn to CBD in the lead up to their big day.

Finding the time to suddenly become a professional wedding planner is a lot to take on, so when people advise you to take some down time, relax, start yoga or meditation, you may be inclined to go into bridezilla mode and practically scream that you don’t have the time!!

This is where CBD can step in and ease you down the aisle.

Taking a couple of drops of CBD oil before taking on the task in hand could help you prepare for the day you take your partner’s hand in marriage. It adds no time to your day but could potentially provide that spark of serenity that you’ve been looking for.

Hopefully you will be saying a sweet ‘so long’ to wedding stresses and pre-wedding jitters and entering married life with a feeling of ease.

Congratulations and we hope your wedding day is everything you have dreamt it to be…with a little added CBD, of course.

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