CBD could help you sleep during a heat wave

Research from the sleep council showed over 53% of Brits say temperature is the main factor for keeping us awake. According to American National Sleep Foundation, anything higher than 18.3 degrees celsius can lead to trouble sleeping.

With temperatures soaring we expect a sudden rise in sleepless nights! Can CBD help us during a heat wave?

CBD has swept across the UK just like the heat has. This is probably because people are in search of natural remedies for their problems rather than prescription meds. The public are putting CBD to the test nearly as quickly as the professionals!

But what do the professionals say? Anxiety, stress, pain relief and sleep promotion have all been confirmed by studies. Furthermore, CBD effects the TRPV1 receptors which are responsible for regulating pain, inflammation and body temperature!

Another reason people often find difficulty sleeping is when there is pressure attached to needing to get to sleep. With everyone expecting to be tossing and turning in this temperature, CBD keeping us less stressed and anxious about the night ahead sounds like a good idea!

With CBD promoting better sleep, and regulating temperatures, it seems like a hot topic for all the right reasons!

We recommend using our CBD oil drops under the tongue, before bed for best results. Enjoy the sun, stay cool and we hope you have a restful sleep.

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