CBD-themed hen and stag parties are the next big thing

Could CBD hen and stag dos be the next big thing? We think so, and here is why:

We have seen celebrity CBD-themed parties, even CBD baby showers! Salons, spas, restaurants and bars are all beginning to incorporate CBD into their businesses too.

Spa treatments and cocktail classes are among the most favoured hen party activities. We know it’s only a matter of time before budding brides and stags start adding CBD to these particular activities.

How to add CBD

You can turn all your treatments into a CBD experience by taking CBD oil drops beforehand. You could even get the beautician to add CBD oil to the massage oils, body creams and facial products. Some salons, spas and wellness centres already offer a full range of CBD treatments.

CBD lovers have started mixing it into smoothies, lattes and now we are seeing restaurants adding it to cocktails.

Maxwell Reis from Gracias Madre, the vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, one of the first people to incorporate CBD into cocktails, says…

…CBD is typically associated with feelings of euphoria and relaxation while alleviating nausea, anxiety, and other physical discomforts. For most, this is a welcomed addition to a cocktail.

If the area you are in does not have CBD cocktail classes, there are an abundance of recipes online for you to try.

It’s becoming increasingly common for stag parties to wind down at the spar after intense and boisterous activities like paintballing. Adding CBD to these treatments, or even giving the whole gang a product like the Re:vive Stay active gel , quickly can transform your stag weekend into a CBD-themed event.

Now for something that everyone can enjoy – food!

CBD edibles are very popular. You can buy CBD chocolate, honey, gummies, popcorn and even ice cream. If none of those take your fancy then search the web for CBD food recipes. Why not start with our CBD doughnuts?

It is a good idea to relax on the lead up to your wedding and CBD could be the thing that helps you do this. Read our blog ‘CBD and wedding season are a match made in heaven’.

Congratulations on the big day and let us know if you have a CBD-themed hen or stag party!

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