Celebrate International Yoga Day with CBD Yoga

Whether its work, raising a family or studies, life can leave us feeling burned out. Many of us are searching for hobbies and habits that can add some calm back into our lives.

This Friday is International Yoga Day. And as the generation of the yogis, people are turning on their heels and switching from long, strenuous runs to tranquil, stress-relieving yoga classes.

Like CBD, yoga is healthy for both our bodies and our minds. People are now teaming up the two and making the ultimate wellness workout – CBD Yoga!

Why add CBD to your yoga routine?

CBD will not get you high and practising yoga with CBD is completely safe.

Brenna Moore from Body Mind Hemp says:

Using CBD regularly for the past year and a half has taken my yoga practice back to where it was before I had a kid, when I had hours to pour into my practice. I find that within 5 minutes of taking nano liposomal CBD I am “there,” and I can access deeper levels of intuition. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain-releaver that eases stress and anxiety relief and may help with depression.

There is much more to learn about this plant extract, but studies are still in the early stages.

You can also use CBD after yoga practice as a recovery method. This is what Jen, also known as @blessedyoga, had to say about using our products:

I have to tell you, I am fully obsessed!…I put CBD cream all round my neck last night and it was the first morning I haven’t woken up with extreme tightness in my neck. First evening I haven’t come home from teaching with a really strange neck so, massive thumbs up to these guys.

How to add CBD to your yoga practice:

Are you using CBD within your yoga routine for the overall experience or is there a specific problematic area? If you are trying to ease pain from an area, using a topical gel or cream is best.

One of the fastest ways to get CBD into your body is to take it sublingually under the tongue using CBD oil drops. We recommend that you take the oil drops just before your yoga workout.

Have you used CBD with yoga? What did you think?

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