CBD fitness classes storm London’s gym scene

Combining cannabinoids with deep stretching and relaxation sounds like a match made in heaven, so it’s a no-brainer that this pairing is HIITing London’s high street gyms.

Gymbox, one of London’s trendiest gym chains, has launched its own brand of yoga-esque exercise classes with the added benefit of CBD to promote relaxation and healing.

‘Recovery focused’ Cannabliss classes come with the addition of CBD patches that gymgoers may choose to wear, while they reap the benefits of special stretching and breathing exercises.

While it’s not a exactly a mainstream yoga class, the exercises do have a similar focus on improving muscle strength and flexibility, while also encouraging relaxation and tension relief.

Gymbox’s master trainer, Firas Iskandarani, who helped to develop the classes, said:

“The anti anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are well documented, so we wanted to incorporate those into a class that we hope will have the same effects for our members. Cannabliss is a class that focuses on self-myofascial release using lacrosse balls and foam rollers; long held stretches and diaphragmatic breathing.

“These will themselves help in pain relief from sore and achy muscles but also, the stretching effects and deep breathing will have anti-anxiety effects. We were hoping that our members could “catalyse” these effects with the addition of CBD.”

Firas also said that so far the classes have had a ‘mixed bag’ of feedback, with some attendees saying that their results have been greatly magnified thanks to the addition of CBD.

“All members are leaving feel much better than when they walked in though, so we’re very happy with the results.”

We can’t wait to get our zen on, with the added touch of some CBD.

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

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