How to have a CBD summer BBQ

BBQ weather is finally here! We can now relax in the sun, grab a plate and pile it up with…CBD? Wait, what?

That’s right, CBD-themed summer BBQs are now a thing, so let’s start by giving you plenty of ideas to get the BBQ going.


CBD drinks are quite a well-known thing now and they are being sold ready-made, but they can still be created at home using water-soluble CBD or CBD oil.

With a juice or water-based drink, we advise you use a water-soluble CBD but for a thicker drink like a smoothie or milkshake, CBD oil will do just fine. Avoid flavoured CBD. Our Natural CBD oil works perfectly.

CBD lemonade and CBD smoothies would be a great way to refresh your guests. You could also try making CBD milkshakes for that all-American feel.

CBD ice cubes are a great way to add a little serenity to every drink, too.

Sides and nibbles

There are all kinds of little nibbles and CBD edibles in the shops these days, but not all are suited to the BBQ.

I would be quite surprised to find a bowl of CBD gummies on an outdoor spread, so what can you replace these with?

How about CBD honey-glazed skewers?

You can get your hands on some ready-made CBD honey or add CBD oil to honey you already have and glaze those skewers.

For a vegan option, you can get a honey alternative and use plant-based syrups. Just add oil to it in the exact same way!

CBD salad drizzle is another quick and easy recipe. Add a few of the natural oil drops to your dressing of choice and lightly mixed it into your salad bowl.

CBD guacamole is just genius! It is always the dip bowl that gets emptied the quickest, so why not add CBD to the most favoured nibble dipper there is?


Of course, you could marinade your BBQ items, but I figured this is quite time-consuming. So why not just make CBD butter and have yourself some CBD-buttered corn on the cobs and buttered buns?


In the same way you can can make ice cubes, you can make ice lollies. There are lots of CBD desserts online, but ice lollies seem the best fit for a hot summer’s day.

Make sure you take pictures of your CBD BBQ and tag us in, @cubidcbd. Have fun in the sun, everyone!

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