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To mark World Mental Health Day, we explore how CBD may help with anxiety.

CBD is well known for its therapeutic effects, helping to calm the mind, switch off and get a better night’s sleep.

Studies also show CBD may help combat anxious energy. How does it work?

As we know, the body has an endocannabinoid system which has receptors all over, including the brain, endocrine system and immune tissues.

The receptors in our brain play a role in regulating mood, emotional behaviour and also our stress responses.

Researchers found CBD triggers these receptors, which may have a positive influence on mental health.

But it may also have something to do with Serotonin. Studies show ‘the happy hormone’ can also interact and benefit from CBD use.

The Depression Alliance has published this explanation on how it believes CBD can affect mental health:

“While CBD does not cure the condition, it has been linked to improvement of the symptoms.

“These substances exert their actions by binding to specific points of brain cells called the receptors through which they potentiate the actions of a substance called serotonin, which acts to improve mood and reduce stress levels”.

Cell stimulating processes occur when CBD stirs these receptors, regulating mood and stress responses.

Quartz survey found 50% of the US adults who have tried CBD did so in an attempt to relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety.

Studies of note on World Mental Health Day.

The Health Line website, has shared research showing patients experienced reduced social anxiety after administering CBD.

This was seen in a study using 600mg of CBD, where anxiety symptoms significantly improved when tested against a placebo.

Another study administered 300mg of CBD and similar results were found.

Health Line offers this advice:

“While CBD may offer some benefits over antidepressant medications, it isn’t a replacement.

“Never stop taking prescribed medication, especially antidepressants, without talking to your healthcare provider first.”

Other studies of interest on World Mental Health Day include a month-long review of the impact CBD has on anxious adults.

These results show that 79% of participants experienced reduced anxiety scores.

One focussed on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and discovered 91% of patients saw a decrease in the severity of their symptoms.


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