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CBD for aches and pains ?

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. In fact, this is the cannabinoid’s main benefit. When taken orally in the form of Oil Drops, CBD works with the endocannabinoid system internally to:

  1. Suppress pro-inflammation agents at work
  2. Increase the production of anti-inflammatory agents within the body

What does the science say on CBD for inflammation?

A world leading expert and educator in this area is Gregor Zorn, a medical cannabis consultant, researcher and co-founder of the European Cannabinoid Therapy Association. Speaking to the UK’s leading CBD publication The CANNAVIST about CBD for inflammation, Zorn said:

“CBD can interact with a wide variety of a molecular targets in our body. Its anti-inflammatory effect is mediated by interacting with different receptors. CBD interacts directly with specific immune cells, supressing the production of proinflammatory compounds and increasing the levels of anti-inflammatory compounds. These effects, in conjunction with its other therapeutic effects, make CBD a very effective compound in inflammatory processes.”

CBD is also effective when used in the form of a gel or cream to target specific areas of inflammation on the body, like a muscle or joint. The next time you have a niggle, try the CUBID CBD Stay Active Gel on the specific area of concern and take a few drops of the CUBID CBD Oil Drops until you see an improvement. This dual factor approach may help target inflammation from the inside out and outside in.