How to add CBD into your beauty regime

The beauty world seems to be crammed with CBD cosmetic companies that have rooted themselves into the industry. But many consumers remain unsure of how to incorporate CBD into their lives.

So, what’s your next step towards living your CBD life?

Add it into your morning routine:

I am basing this on my own morning beauty regime so this may vary from person to person. But I start my day by brushing my teeth, taking a shower, applying body butter, washing my face and applying face cream. Then I make a cup of tea to let the face cream soak in before starting on my makeup.

All I have done to transform this routine into a CBD regime is to swap to the Re:scue body butter, switch to the Re:fresh face cream and add a couple of drops of the Natural Oil Drops to my morning herbal tea.

Top tip: Use a CBD lip balm as a lip primer before applying your usual lipstick or gloss. 

Throughout the day:

I get particularly dry hands and cuticles and so I always keep a hand cream…handy! I have just replaced my old one with the Re:new Hand Cream and my mitts have never felt so soft and nourished.

Add it into your night time routine:

After a long, busy day and especially when I have worked out, I like to soak in the bath to unwind and ease my achy muscles.

I add lavender or peppermint oil to my bath to achieve maximum relaxation when I am particularly stressed. After, If I am extra achy, I massage in a cream or aloe vera gel and then wash my face, add my face cream and head to bed with a cup of tea before pulling myself back up to quickly clean my teeth.

Top Tip: If you can’t buy them all at once, start by swapping the product you are next going to run out of with a CBD version to build a new CBD beauty regime one product at a time.

Luckily for me, CUBID CBD oil droppers are available in peppermint flavour, so the switch from my plain peppermint oil to the CBD Peppermint Oil Drops was easy. The only thing I noticed from this switch was the added benefits.

I flick between applying a gel or cream after I have bathed. Having the same options with added CBD was a pleasant surprise. I got both the Re:juvenate Stay Active Cream and the Re:vive Stay Active Gel and now alternate between the two, often opting for the gel when I have done an extensive workout or have a problem area that I really want to work the gel into.

Et voila: a CBD beauty regime that is no extra effort, with no additional products or steps, but with all the extra benefits.

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