How to master working from home

Many workers have been thrust into working from home to enable social distancing and self-isolation, and this may be stressful. Working from home can be problematic if it’s not managed properly from the beginning, so we’ve put together some top tips so you can master a new work-life balance.

Set real work hours

Once a temporary office or work space is set up, it’s time to get going. If you normally have set business hours (9-5 for example) it is best to stick with these where possible, this will make it easier for you to re-settle back into your routine when the time comes to return to the office. 

Enforce a hard limit to finish work at the end of the day and distance yourself from projects.

If you are finding working from home stressful, why not add a little CBD to your routine and add some serene to your screen time.

Check in with co-workers

As well as remaining up to date with projects and day-to-day business, live video meetings and regular conference calls will help keep isolation at bay. Conversations with colleagues will add a social aspect to your day which many of us will miss during this time. 

Reward yourself after a long day 

Although it seems simple, having something to look forward to at the end of the day will help you feel fulfilled.  

Why not plan a walk through your neighborhood, take your dog to the park, have a relaxing bath or even have a pamper session with a DIY CBD face mask

Keep your hands super soft

With all the extra hand washing why not treat yourself to our jojoba and cocoa Re:new hand cream and soothe that chapped skin. 

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