It’s spring! Time for the clocks to change, giving us an extra hour of daylight this Sunday night.

Here’s how CBD could help our bodies adjust.

On March 29, the clocks will spring forward by 1 hour at 1am. 

When the clocks change to British Summer Time (BST), we move an hour of the daylight from the morning to the evening.

This can cause disruption to our body clock, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm.

So let’s see how CBD might help us to adjust to these changes…

Give your morning a boost

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system receptors at different points throughout the body, which can have a positive knock-on effect on mood, energy levels and rest – making Monday morning a breeze.

While CBD made from indica strains is acknowledged to have slightly sedative and calming effects, sativa strains are known to provide a natural energy boost.

Mixing CBD made from cannabis sativa with your morning latte or smoothie could give you that extra boost you need to fight the fatigue.  The sativa variety is used in all CUBID CBD oil drops.

Realign your body clock with a CBD workout

A recent study found that scheduling your workouts at certain times during the day can help realign the body’s sleep-wake cycle. People who exercise in the morning or in the early afternoon advance their body’s clock slightly, so they feel more refreshed earlier the next morning.

It was also recently discovered by the University of Maryland School of Medicine that there is a relationship between CBD and motivation levels.

Adding CBD to your workout can also have extra benefits, such as soothing inflammation. Try a few drops of CUBID CBD oil drops under the tongue to give you that extra push you need or add a few drops to your post-workout protein shake.

Plan the night before with a good night’s sleep

If your sleeping pattern is very routine, the clocks changing can sometimes mean you’re awake later than you need to be.

CBD can help with sleep routine disruptions as it improves the body’s circadian functioning.  This enables a deeper sleep and increases levels of alertness during the day. Being alert during the day makes you typically more tired when it comes to bedtime. 

Our CBD can be taken in the evening mixed in to a warm, non-caffeinated drink. This will introduce calm to your body and mind encouraging a good restful night’s sleep.

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