Top three tips for travelling with CBD

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to travel with CBD to keep up with their daily routine while on holiday. Especially if you suffer with travel anxiety, it makes sense to carry CBD with you, but will it land you in hot water?

  1. Research the countries and states you are travelling to

Before you consider travelling with CBD, check that CBD is legal in the state or country you’ve visiting. Just because it is legal in your country, don’t assume that it is in another. Travelling to or from a country with strict regulations could result in severe criminal punishment.

Hempika have created a list of countries where CBD is legal and illegal.

The USA is an incredibly popular destination and flying between states is something of a minefield.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently revised its stance on carrying CBD on internal US flights. TSA policy now permits passengers to fly with some forms of CBD oil and one hemp-derived medication approved by the FDA, if ‘special instructions’ are met.

However, the new rule does not change the TSA’s ban on cannabis-infused products and CBD oils that contain THC.

It’s unclear how TSA officers will know whether a substance contains THC, as the department does not provide on-site testing at airport security checkpoints.

  1. Review the certificate of analysis of a CBD product

The CUBID CBD website includes a certificate of analysis showing that all of our products are THC-free. If a company doesn’t provide this information, it is probably best to avoid making a purchase if you intend to travel.

Taking an unopened bottle and bringing a copy of the certificate with you may offer extra precaution.

  1. Pack the product with your hand luggage liquid items

CBD should be treated the same as the other liquid items you take through security by being placed in a clear bag. Check the size of your product and make sure it doesn’t exceed the allowed limit.

Travelling for breaks from one UK city isn’t a problem so you can enjoy your CBD just as you would at home. If you use CBD to relax and to aid sleep, we would recommend not using it during a lengthy road trip. Instead, wait until you’re tucked up in your cosy cottage, tent or B&B before having your daily drops.

Regardless of CBD being a non-psychoactive, laws and rules are still being defined. For now, it is still a little difficult to give an easy answer, so check with your airline before you travel.

Regardless of whether or not you pack your CBD, we hope you get the break you need and enjoy the sun this summer.

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