Top tips to relax with CBD

Let’s face it. We are constantly on the go and even during ‘down time’ it can be hard to switch off.

Here is a step by step guide of a full evening devoted to relaxation for National Relaxation Day!

Food and face mask

The two don’t sound like they should go together but both can be made in the kitchen! We suggest you make yourself a bite to eat (even add CBD to your dish!) and then make your face mask and enjoy sitting down after your food for twenty minutes while it sets.

A DIY mask is a great way to add ingredients that promote calmness. It’s so simple to make with bentonite clay, water and essential oils. We recommend either peppermint essential oil partnered with our peppermint CBD oil or lavender oil teamed with our Natural CBD oil.

Both lavender and peppermint oil promote relaxation, so either of these are a perfect face mask option to get the evening started!

Bath time

While you wash away your face mask, start running your bath. Similarly to a full body massage, immersing yourself in warm water can aid deep muscle relaxation and reduce tension in the body and even stress-related headaches.

Baths can quieten the mind and be a natural way to ease you towards sleep. Add a CBD bath bomb or CBD oil to your tub and get an extra calming experience.

Hair mask and scalp massage

Stress amps-up the production of certain hormones and releases pro-inflammatory chemicals that compromise your scalp’s barrier function. This means that it’s easier for moisture to escape, resulting in your hair and scalp being dryer.

Don’t have a hair mask to hand? Grab brown sugar and olive oil from your cupboards. The oil will nourish your hair and scalp and the brown sugar will exfoliate your scalp and give you a soothing sensation when gently massaging it in. You can even add a few drops of CBD oil to this too!

Don’t have dry hair? You may still want to massage your scalp as this is proven to reduce stress hormones such as cortisol, reduce blood pressure and even lower heart rate.

Massage or moisturise

Get someone to give you a massage with your favourite essential oil and add CBD oil for a deeper relaxing treatment.

If you live on your own or don’t feel like owing someone else a massage, give yourself a hand massage. You don’t realise just how overworked your hands are until you begin to massage them and release the tension that has been building up. It’s so relaxing!

Plus, the CBD oil is great for cuticles. It’s like a mini CBD manicure massage!

Moisturising the full body after a bath is another way to get a full-body treatment and add to the overall feeling of relaxation, especially when you use a CBD body butter or cream that has natural anti-inflammatory benefits.


Now that you are in a complete state of zen, you want to make sure you set yourself a perfect sleeping environment so it stays that way.

Firstly, create a calming mood with lighting and music. Himalayan salt lamps emit a warming pink glow when lit, but a side light that isn’t too bright will also work fine.

Avoid screens before bed. No TV and no phones. The brightness from these screens can keep you awake by delaying the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

Pick a music playlist that is melodic, tranquil and soothing. Avoid your favourite singalong songs and go for something instrumental.

Not quite ready to sleep? Take some CBD oil under the tongue and hold it there for 20-30 second. This is the quickest way to get it into your system.

Have a warm drink and read a little before switching the lights off and resting your head for what we hope to be the best night’s sleep of your life!

Have a wonderful National Relaxation Day.

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